H Beasley (student)

//H Beasley (student)

H Beasley (student)

“I have been attending Halesowen Dance Academy for 9 years now. When I started at 14, I was very shy and had little self confidence. Now at the age of 23, I’m much more outgoing and alongside this, have developed a passion for dance in its many forms all thanks to Nikki. The exams and dance shows are the highlights of my year and the friendly atmosphere within the school is so encouraging that I have really been able to reach my full potential within the school. I even went on to study A Level dance thanks to the skills and confidence HDA has given me. I would recommend Halesowen Dance Academy to everyone as not only is it a great way to learn and improve dance technique, it encourages confidence, self-expression and helps promote the importance of team work and determination. Nikki’s teaching has enabled me to achieve things I never thought I could thanks to her own passion for dance and her willingness for her students to succeed.”

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